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Palmer Foods is a trusted partner for Tony D's restaurant, providing unparalleled products and service that contribute to their success.

Palmer Foods is more than a vendor or purveyor. Here at Tony D’s, we have used Palmer as our main purveyor since day one, and in those ten years, they have proven to be far more than just another food service company; they have been a partner and a friend.

Despite its expansion beyond its hometown, Palmer Foods has remained true to its roots and is highly regarded by those who do business with them. Kip and Amy Palmer, and their team are known for their integrity and commitment to their community. Their success as a multi-generational business is a testament to their dedication to providing high-quality products and exceptional service.

Their products are unparalleled – the ONLY distributor of Certified Angus Beef ® in this area – and the service is beyond compare. They stand behind every product they sell and work with us to ensure everything works for our restaurant’s betterment and convenience, from delivery schedules to pricing. They are as committed to our success as we are. I couldn’t imagine a better company to do business with.

 Jay Speranza, Chef and Proprietor of Tony D’s


Tony D's

Rochester, NY

Jay Speranza,
Owner and Executive Chef

Tony D’s is a trendy pizzeria that also offers traditional Italian dishes. The restaurant is popular for its authentic signature pizzas.