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Palmer Foods is a trusted, reliable provider prioritizing clients' success with high-quality products, innovative solutions, and excellent customer service.

We have been a proud partner with Palmer Foods since 2000. Palmer has made this possible through continuous support whenever needed. They treat you like a partner, a belief shared broadly across the Palmer Foods team. From trustworthy sales reps to brokers who show us innovations in the foodservice industry, Palmer puts its clients at the forefront.

When approached by other restaurant owners looking for a food purveyor recommendation, the answer comes easily, Palmer Foods. Why? There’s a story I like to share with them:

In 2003, there was a significant power outage in our area. I was using three food purveyors: Palmer, and two national names. Without mentioning names, the other two national foodservice providers called and asked if I was going to place an order. At the time, I was giving them a good portion of our business.

“Well, seeing how I don’t have power, I am not interested in placing an order.”

Palmer Foods called shortly later; I was ready to express my thoughts on placing an order but was suddenly halted. “Hi Marc, Palmer is aware of the power grid crash, and we were wondering if you’d like us to send a refrigeration truck to help minimize any losses.” I’ve been proud to maintain Palmer as my lone food purveyor since. Working with Palmer Foods gives me a sense of security that I appreciate.

Other restaurant owners often ask, “What are you paying for [insert item here]?” My typical response is, “I’m not completely sure, I trust my salesman, it’s the best price Palmer Foods can give me, and that’s all I need.”

Yes: finding the best prices and negotiating to get them is common in this industry. But with Palmer, I don’t have to waste my time on that. I am free to concentrate on the other important factors that create a successful business. Palmer Foods is a high-caliber, trustworthy company.

It’s always nice to know you aren’t doing this alone. Palmer Foods has the right tools in place to help get restaurants quality food, timely deliveries, meal and menu creation assistance, and many other necessary behind-the-scene details that go into every successful restaurant.

Palmer Foods is a trustworthy and reliable foodservice provider that prioritizes its clients’ success. Their dedicated team offers a wide range of high-quality products, innovative solutions, and excellent customer service. And their commitment to supporting their clients’ businesses sets them apart in the industry.


58 Main BBQ & Brew

Brockport, NY

Two men lean against a bar and smile.

Marc Marcello (right),

Twin brothers, Jon and Marc, own 58 Main Restaurant & Party House in Brockport, NY. They started working there when they were just 14 years old and they take pride in running a successful community-oriented business.