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Palmer has been a trusted seafood provider since 1850. Our experienced team sources the freshest options with an emphasis on quality, value, and sustainability. Elevate your menu with confidence.

Trusted since 1850 with an emphasis on quality and value

Serving the freshest and highest quality seafood to your customers is a top priority. We have been committed to providing the best seafood since the 1850s. Our procurement team has the industry experience to source only the best products from reputable producers for our clients.

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Fresh fish favorites

We are proud to offer a diverse selection of the freshest seafood to enhance your customers’ dining experience. Whether you’re in the market for popular varieties like shrimp, salmon, and tuna or looking for something more unique like lobster, swordfish, or sea bass, we have you covered. We also cater to special requests, ensuring that your customers receive exactly what they’re looking for. Our focus on both quality and value ensures that your restaurant serves only the best seafood every time.

Frozen seafood, uncompromised quality

Our procurement team is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality frozen fish and seafood, with a focus on quality at harvest, consistent sizing, and continuous brands.

We offer a diverse range of options, from commonly used products such as shrimp to unique and specialty items, and are happy to fulfill special orders to meet your specific needs. Our expertise and commitment to quality will ensure that you receive the best possible products to serve your customers.

Fried calamari rings sweet pepper lemon slices and romaine lettuce atop a roll

Our range of fresh, frozen, wild-caught, and farm-raised fish and seafood products is unmatched. We emphasize value and aim to provide our clients with options that align with developing and maintaining fishery and marine ecosystems. Our agile procurement team can quickly adapt to market changes, global supply issues, and seasonal changes, ensuring that your restaurant always has the best seafood available.

Invest in your restaurant and take your seafood offerings to the next level with Palmer Foods. Our commitment to quality and sustainability will give you peace of mind that your customers are receiving the freshest and highest quality seafood possible.

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