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Elevate your dining experience with high-quality pasta and bread. From classic favorites to unique options, our team sources the best.

From classic favorites to unique offerings Bread, pasta, and gluten-free alternatives

We understand the importance of offering a variety of high-quality pasta and bread options to enhance the dining experience for your guests and match your culinary style. Ranging from classic favorites to unique and specialty items, our procurement team carefully sources from the best brands. We even offer solutions for dietary restrictions.

Delicious pasta

Whether you’re looking to create a traditional Italian dish or something with a twist, we’ve got you covered. We source superior high-quality ingredients; you can be sure that every bite will be delicious and satisfying. Brands like Rumo and Daniele’s work tirelessly to maintain levels of quality that will delight your customers.

Bread selections for every dish

Our bread selection is equally impressive, with wide range of quality brands, suitable culinary experiences from delis to white tablecloth. Our offerings are perfect for creating artisanal sandwiches, paninis, and more; bread products that are made with high-quality ingredients ensuring that they taste as good as they look.

Looking for new pasta ideas Let palmer help ideate new concepts like this rana brisket ravioli
Looking for new pasta ideas? Let Palmer help ideate new concepts, like this Rana brisket ravioli.


Whether you’re looking to create a simple pasta dish or an elaborate gourmet meal, our pasta and bread selection is designed to help you meet your culinary goals.

Contact us now to discover our wide range of bread, pasta, or restricted-diet options and take your dining experience to the next level.